Threatening Dagger Tree (Tanking)

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Threatening Dagger Tree (Tanking) Empty Threatening Dagger Tree (Tanking)

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The second tree we see is the Threatening Dagger tree, which is the second tanking tree. The Threatening Dagger tree focuses more on threat generation, in particular single target threat generation.

[Points into Tree] [Skill Name] [Descrioption] [Cooldown] [Cast Time]
[2] [Aggravating Blade] [A quick attack that deals low damage and does a medium amount of threat.] [0 seconds] [0 seconds]
[4] [Whirling Blade] [You spin your weapons around you, dealing medium damage to all foes around you, and a high amount of threat.] [7 seconds] [0 seconds]
[8] [Shadow Keeper's Mark] [Places a mark on an ally that transfers 50% of their threat to you.] [10 seconds] [0 seconds]
[10] [Keeper's Spinning Dagger] [An aoe attack that hits all enemies around you for medium damage and puts a threat over time effect on all enemies hit, which gives a high amount of threat over 16 seconds.] [15 seconds] [0 seconds]
[14] [Shadow of Aggravation] [Places a shadow on the target, increasing the threat you deal to that target by 20%.] [0 seconds] [0 seconds]


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