Mob Breakdown Area 1 Tutorial

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Mob Breakdown Area 1 Tutorial Empty Mob Breakdown Area 1 Tutorial

Post  Xenothen on Thu Feb 07, 2013 3:00 pm

[td] [Carniverous Plant] [Lvl 1-5][Item drops: Plant organ, Beautiful Flower (trophy), uncommon gear piece. HP Lvl1 85 Lvl2 115 Lvl3 145 Lvl4 180 Lvl5 220 MP: Lvl1 200 Lvl2 220 Lvl3 240 Lvl4 260 Lvl5 300] [Description: Stats: Armor 0 Magic Resist 5 Physical Resist -5 Auto Attack 7 Skills: Chomp: Chomps the enemy Dealing 15-20 physical damage. Bite: Deals 10-15 damage and 15 over 5 seconds, CD 5 seconds. Spit: Shoots a cone of liquid that burns dealing 25 damage to anyone in the cone, Puts a small AOE on the ground that deals 10 damage per second to anyone that stands inside the AOE for 5 seconds. Smash: Hits the target with a vine for 20 damage. Uproot: Snares the target rooting them for 5 seconds CD 20 seconds (can be used after spit). Description: large plant that looks most like a venus flytrap it is known to be very hungry is avoided by locals watch for its spit.][/td][tr]
[Wild Dog] [Lvl 1-3] [Drops: Dog meat, pelt, Broken tooth, uncommon gear piece][Mob Description: HP: Lvl1 75 Lvl2 110 Lvl3 140 PW: 100 all around Stats: Armor 0 Magic Resist 0 Physical Resist 0 Auto Attack Dmg 5 Xp gain for kill Lvl1 20 Lvl2 40 Lvl3 60 Description: Dog travels around in groups of 3. Dogs such as these have probably escaped Cruelty from all factions and bear a grudge to return the punishment. this mob will attack on sight.] [Dog skills: Bite: Lvl 1,2,3 Deals 10-15 damage and an additional 15 damage over 5 seconds CD 5 seconds. Rush: Junps to target Inttrupting any cast or channel needs to be 5m away or more to take effect max range 15m. Howl: Howls dealing 20 damage to all players and npc's alike in combat with it. cast time 5 seconds, intteruptable and CD 20 seconds can only cast below 30% health.]

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