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Holy Justice Tree (Melee DPS) Empty Holy Justice Tree (Melee DPS)

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Points Into TreeSkill NameDescriptionCooldownCast Time
2Seeking BladeA quick, medium damage attack that increases the holy damage the target takes by 2% for 5 seconds.0 sec.0 sec.
4Strike of JudgmentA quick attack that does medium damage and restores 3% of your mana.5 sec.0 sec.
8Holy WrathA quick attack, that causes the 2% holy damage increase to stack to 4% and deals medium damage. Can only be used after Seeking Blade.0 sec.0 sec.
10Wrath of the RighteousA high damage attack that causes the 4% holy damage increase to stack to 6% and places a 3 second DoT effect on the target for low damage over 6 seconds. Can only be used after Holy Wrath.3 sec.0 sec.
14Mark of the CrusaderPlaces a mark on the target that increases the chance the Crusader will critically hit by 5% for 30 sec.0 sec.0 sec.
20Death to the DamnedA series of three brutal attacks that cause medium damage each. If the target is under the effect of Wrath of the Righteous, then the attack places 3 stacks of a medium damage bleed on the target over 6 sec.10 sec.0 sec.
24Rage of the CrusaderDoubles the effects of all bleeds dealt to the target for the next 10 sec.1 min.0 sec.
30Holy JusticeA series of five fast attacks, dealing medium damage each and causing the next 6 chain attacks to deal 10% more damage. 25 sec.0 sec.
36Crusader's BlowA quick, medium damage attack that causes the next attack you se to interrupt an ability.10 sec.0 sec.
44Strike of the JustA fast, highly damaging attack that causes the target to take 4% more damage from all sources for 12 sec.20 sec.0 sec.
50Sweet JusticeA fast, medium damage attack that increases your attack speed, run speed, damage, critical chance, and critical multiplier by 7% for 15 sec.30 sec.0 sec.

Those are the abilities you unlock by putting points into the tree. This is the actual tree itself. You must put 5 points into one tier before advancing onto the next tier.

Number of Points AvailableTier of TalentName of TalentDescription
0/5Tier 1Enhanced WrathIncreases your damage by 1/2/3/4/5%.
0/5Tier 1Keeness of MindIncreases your dodge chance by 1/2/3/4/5%.
0/1Tier 2Holy InstinctsFor 10 seconds, every time you receive damage your damage is increased by 1%, 1 minute cooldown, 0 second cast time.
0/3Tier 2Holy ChainsEvery time you cast a chain attack there is a 10/20/30% chance to increase your damage by 3% for 10 sec.
0/2Tier 2Holy SpeedEvery time you crit your attack speed is increased by 3/6/10%.
0/5Tier 3Holy RunningIncreases your run speed by 1/2/3/4/5%.
0/3Tier 3Swift JusticeThe last chain attack increases the damage of the next 3 chain attacks is increased by 10%.
0/1Tier 4Light of the Rising DawnFor the next 10 seconds 50% of the damage you deal heals you. 1.5 minute cooldown, 0 second cast time
0/3Tier 4Righteous DamningEvery time you crit, your crit chance is increased by 15% for 10 sec.
0/2Tier 4Righteous InstinctsIncreases your crit multiplier by 5/10%.
0/1Tier 5Destructive HolinessA high damage attack that instantly puts the effect of the all the chain attacks. 30 second cooldown, 0 second cast.
0/5Tier 6Warriors JusticeWhen your enemy is below 30% health, increases your damage by 3/6/9/12/15%.
0/5Tier 6Warriors SpeedWhenever the enemy is below 30% health, your attack speed is increased by 3/6//9/12/15%.
0/1Tier 6Crusader's WrathIncreases your crit chance and multiplier by 15% for 10 seconds, 1 minute cooldown, 0 second cast.
0/5Tier 7Paladin's AdvantageIncreases your damage against undead by 4/8/12/16/20%.
0/3Tier 7Paladin's CourageWhenever you take damage, their is a 20% chance to heal yourself for 5/10/15% of your max health.
0/1Tier 8ConsecrationConsecrate the area, dealing high damage to all enemies in the are over 8 seconds. 45 second cooldown, 0 second cast time.

Now the runes for the Holy Justice tree. Every 10 levels you get a rune slot, so at level 50 you will have 5 rune slots. Every skill in the game has a rune to upgrade the specific skill. To unlock them you can use the skill a certain number of times or pay a certain amount of ingame money to unlock it.

SkillDescription of Upgrade
Seeking BladeIncreases damage by 10%.
Strike of JudgmentNow restores 5% more mana.
Holy WrathIncreases damage by 8%.
Wrath of the RighteousIncreases the damage of the DoT effect by 50%.
Mark of the CrusaderNow also reduces the damage the target deals by 2%.
Death to the DamnedNow places 5 stacks of the DoT on the target.
Rage of the CrusaderReduces cooldown by 15 seconds.
Holy JusticeNow lasts for 12 chain attacks.
Crusader's BlowReduces cooldown by 3 seconds.
Strike of the JustReduces cooldown by 5 seconds.
Sweet JusticeNow lasts 22 seconds.
Holy InstinctsEvery stack now increases damage by 2%.
Light of the Rising Dawn(Passive)You heal 3% of the damage you deal.
Destructive HolinessIncreases damage by 20%.
Crusader's WrathReduces cooldown by 10 seconds.
ConsecrationNow lasts 15 seconds.


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