Soothing Tree (AOE Healing)

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Soothing Tree (AOE Healing) Empty Soothing Tree (AOE Healing)

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[Points Into Tree] [Skill Name] [Description] [Cooldown] [Cast Time]
[2] [Soothing Beam] [A quick single-target heal that heals for a medium amount.] [10 seconds] [0 seconds]
[4] [Blaze of Hope] [A quick AOE heal, that heals for a slightly lesser amount than Soothing Beam.] [7 seconds] [1.5 seconds]
[8] [Gentle Light] [A single target HoT that heals for a medium amount over 10 seconds.] [0 seconds] [1.5 seconds]
[10] [Spreading Gentleness] [The next Gentle Light that you cast spreads to up to 2 other nearby targets.] [1 minute] [0 seconds]
[14] [Spread the Light] [A basic AOE heal that heals for a medium/low amount. Above average mana cost though, so repeated casting will drain your mana.] [0 seconds] [1.5 seconds]
[20] [Speak the Word] [The next casted heal is instant cast.] [45 seconds] [0 seconds]
[24] [Lighting] [Your healing critical chance is increased by 25% for 10 seconds.] [1 minute, 15 seconds] [0 seconds]
[30] [Thou Shall Not Fall This Day] [In combat resurrection.] [3 minutes] [2.5 seconds]
[36] [Speak Thy Mind] [Makes everyone in your group immune to silence for 9 seconds.] [1 minute] [1 second]
[44] [Time of Righteous Need] [An instant, high amount heal.] [35 seconds] [0 seconds]
[50] [That Which Does Not Slay] [The next time the target takes damage, the entire raid gets 50% of their health.] [1 minute] [1 second]


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