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Crusader Tree

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Ability Point CostSkill IconSkill NameDescriptionCooldown
1Holy BladeA quick, medium damage strike.0 seconds
1Righteous FireA quick low damage attack that has a 50% chance to add a small bleed effect onto the target. Max 20 stacks.5 seconds.
1Prayer of Power(Toggle)Prays for power, granting all of your allies 10% increased damage. Only one prayer can be active at a time.0 seconds.
3ExcommunicateExcommunicates the target, dealing a medium/high amount of damage. Can only be used directly after Holy Blade.0 seconds.
3Expel DemonA quick, medium damage attack that increases the damage of the next bleed you deal by 20%.8 seconds.
3Prayer of Protection(Toggle)Prays for protection, granting all of your allies a 8% decrease in damage taken. Only one prayer can be active at a time.0 seconds.
5Destruction by the LightA medium damage attack that increases the damage the target takes by 5% for 20 seconds.25 seconds.
5Crusader's VerdictAn attack that does medium damage, but if the Bleeding Edge DoT is on the target deals 25% more damage and put's an extra stack of the DoT on the target.5 seconds.
5Devout Prayer(Passive)Allows both Prayers to be active at one time.N/A
7Strike of JudgementA quick, low damage attack that restores 10% of your mana.20 seconds.
7RepentA low damage attack that does 15% more damage for every stack of a DoT on the target. DoT's have to have been cast by you.7 seconds.
7BlessingsPlaces blessings on your allies: +10% attack speed, +10% run speed, +5% critical hit chance, +20% critical multiplier for one hour0 seconds.
10Sweet JusticeA fast, medium damage attack that increases your attack speed, run speed, damage, critical chance, and critical multiplier by 7% for 15 sec.30 seconds.
10Zealous BladeA high damage attack that consumes a stack of the Bleeding Edge DoT.15 seconds.
10Wrath of the CrusaderA low damage attack that causes your entire group to heal for 3% of their max health every second for 12 seconds.30 seconds


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