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Ability Point CostSkill IconSkill NameDescriptionCooldown
1Crusader Tree Spell_holy_crusaderstrikeHoly BladeA quick, medium damage strike.0 seconds
1Crusader Tree Spell_paladin_templarsverdictRighteous FireA quick low damage attack that has a 50% chance to add a small bleed effect onto the target. Max 20 stacks.5 seconds.
1Crusader Tree Spell_holy_greaterblessingofkingsPrayer of Power(Toggle)Prays for power, granting all of your allies 10% increased damage. Only one prayer can be active at a time.0 seconds.
3Crusader Tree Ability_paladin_hammeroftherighteousExcommunicateExcommunicates the target, dealing a medium/high amount of damage. Can only be used directly after Holy Blade.0 seconds.
3Crusader Tree Spell_holy_excorcism_02Expel DemonA quick, medium damage attack that increases the damage of the next bleed you deal by 20%.8 seconds.
3Crusader Tree Spell_magic_greaterblessingofkingsPrayer of Protection(Toggle)Prays for protection, granting all of your allies a 8% decrease in damage taken. Only one prayer can be active at a time.0 seconds.
5Crusader Tree Ability_paladin_blessedhandsDestruction by the LightA medium damage attack that increases the damage the target takes by 5% for 20 seconds.25 seconds.
5Crusader Tree Spell_holy_sealofwrathCrusader's VerdictAn attack that does medium damage, but if the Bleeding Edge DoT is on the target deals 25% more damage and put's an extra stack of the DoT on the target.5 seconds.
5Crusader Tree Trade_archaeology_gemmeddrinkingcupDevout Prayer(Passive)Allows both Prayers to be active at one time.N/A
7Crusader Tree Ability_paladin_judgementredStrike of JudgementA quick, low damage attack that restores 10% of your mana.20 seconds.
7Crusader Tree Ability_paladin_artofwarRepentA low damage attack that does 15% more damage for every stack of a DoT on the target. DoT's have to have been cast by you.7 seconds.
7Crusader Tree Spell_holy_heroismBlessingsPlaces blessings on your allies: +10% attack speed, +10% run speed, +5% critical hit chance, +20% critical multiplier for one hour0 seconds.
10Crusader Tree Ability_paladin_divinestormSweet JusticeA fast, medium damage attack that increases your attack speed, run speed, damage, critical chance, and critical multiplier by 7% for 15 sec.30 seconds.
10Crusader Tree Ability_paladin_turnevilZealous BladeA high damage attack that consumes a stack of the Bleeding Edge DoT.15 seconds.
10Crusader Tree Spell_holy_holyguidanceWrath of the CrusaderA low damage attack that causes your entire group to heal for 3% of their max health every second for 12 seconds.30 seconds


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