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Ability Point CostSkill IconSkill NameDescriptionCooldown
1Warlock Tree Spell_shadow_shadowboltAggravating BoltShoots a low damage dark bolt that causes a good amount of threat.0 seconds.
1Warlock Tree Spell_shadow_felarmourDark Armor(Toggle)Increases armor by 200%, threat generation by 50% and every time you cast a spell you heal for 2.5% of your maximum health.0 seconds.
1Warlock Tree Ability_warlock_coil2Dark BoltA medium damage bolt that also puts a stack of a buff on that increases the damage you deal by 1% per stack. 5 stacks max, 1.5 second cast time.0 seconds.
3Warlock Tree Spell_warlock_soulburnDark CallTaunts the target to attack only you for 8 seconds. Your threat generation is increased by 10% for the duration.20 seconds.
3Warlock Tree Spell_warlock_demonsoulDark StrengthA low damage bolt that does a good amount of threat and decreases the damage you take by 5% for 9 seconds.9 seconds.
3Warlock Tree Warlock_curse_shadowShadow TorrentChannels shadow at your target over 3.5 seconds, dealing high damage.10 seconds.
5Warlock Tree Spell_shadow_antishadowDeath's ShadowTaunts all targets in the area to attack you for 8 seconds. Your threat generation is increased by 10% for the duration.45 seconds.
5Warlock Tree Spell_shadow_possessionShadow's RequiemDecreases the damage you take by 70% for 5 seconds.1 minute.
5Warlock Tree Spell_shadow_blackplagueDark PlagueA high damage DoT that ticks off over 25 seconds, getting stronger the longer it goes on.35 seconds.
7Warlock Tree Spell_shadow_summonvoidwalkerSufferingMakes the target suffer, dealing low damage and extremely high threat over 8 seconds.8 seconds.
7Warlock Tree Spell_deathknight_strangulateOvershadowing(Passive)Every time you crit, your threat generation is increased by 20% for 13 seconds.N/A
7Warlock Tree Inv_elemental_primal_shadowDark DestructionA bolt of magic that does a high amount of damage, 1 second cast time.19 seconds.
10Warlock Tree Spell_warlock_focusshadowMassacre(Passive)Aggravating Bolt now becomes an AoE and has 10% greater threat generation.N/A
10Warlock Tree Ability_warlock_jinxShadow StormAn AoE that does medium damage over the 6 second channel. While you are channeling you take 25% less damage.0 seconds.
10Warlock Tree Inv_jewelcrafting_shadowspirit_02Damned SoulA massive DoT over 1 minute, and after it is over the target takes the damage inflicted again.1 minute, 30 seconds.


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