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Warlock Tree

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Ability Point CostSkill IconSkill NameDescriptionCooldown
1Aggravating BoltShoots a low damage dark bolt that causes a good amount of threat.0 seconds.
1Dark Armor(Toggle)Increases armor by 200%, threat generation by 50% and every time you cast a spell you heal for 2.5% of your maximum health.0 seconds.
1Dark BoltA medium damage bolt that also puts a stack of a buff on that increases the damage you deal by 1% per stack. 5 stacks max, 1.5 second cast time.0 seconds.
3Dark CallTaunts the target to attack only you for 8 seconds. Your threat generation is increased by 10% for the duration.20 seconds.
3Dark StrengthA low damage bolt that does a good amount of threat and decreases the damage you take by 5% for 9 seconds.9 seconds.
3Shadow TorrentChannels shadow at your target over 3.5 seconds, dealing high damage.10 seconds.
5Death's ShadowTaunts all targets in the area to attack you for 8 seconds. Your threat generation is increased by 10% for the duration.45 seconds.
5Shadow's RequiemDecreases the damage you take by 70% for 5 seconds.1 minute.
5Dark PlagueA high damage DoT that ticks off over 25 seconds, getting stronger the longer it goes on.35 seconds.
7SufferingMakes the target suffer, dealing low damage and extremely high threat over 8 seconds.8 seconds.
7Overshadowing(Passive)Every time you crit, your threat generation is increased by 20% for 13 seconds.N/A
7Dark DestructionA bolt of magic that does a high amount of damage, 1 second cast time.19 seconds.
10Massacre(Passive)Aggravating Bolt now becomes an AoE and has 10% greater threat generation.N/A
10Shadow StormAn AoE that does medium damage over the 6 second channel. While you are channeling you take 25% less damage.0 seconds.
10Damned SoulA massive DoT over 1 minute, and after it is over the target takes the damage inflicted again.1 minute, 30 seconds.


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