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Ability Point CostSkill IconSkill NameDescriptionCooldown
1Stormcaller Tree Spell_frost_summonwaterelemental_2Summon Water ElementalSummons a water elemental to fight for you. Not extremely powerful with one point, but the other passives increase the power of the elemental greatly.0 seconds.
1Stormcaller Tree Spell_nature_stormreachStorm BoltA medium damage electrical bolt, 2 second cast time.0 seconds.
1Stormcaller Tree Spell_frost_frostblastIce BlastHit the enemy with a low damage Ice Blase, which slows the enemies movement speed by 30% for 5 seconds.0 seconds.
3Stormcaller Tree Spell_shaman_elementaloathWater Vitality(Passive)Increases your max health by 10% and your elemental's by 50%.N/A
3Stormcaller Tree Spell_nature_lightningLightning BoltCan only be used after Storm Bolt. Deals medium damage and builds a stack of the Electrified effect. After 5 stacks of Electrified is built the target takes high damage.0 seconds
3Stormcaller Tree Spell_frost_coldheartedFreezeStops the target in place for 5 seconds.30 seconds
5Stormcaller Tree Spell_arcane_arcane02Water Damage(Passive)Increases the damage of your Water Elemental by 55%.N/A
5Stormcaller Tree Spell_shaman_thunderstormLightning StormCalls down a lightning storm for medium damage over the 5 second channel. This is an AoE.10 seconds.
5Stormcaller Tree Spell_frost_frostarmorFrozen DeathDeals high damage in a cone in front of you. Also reduces attack speed of all affected enemies by 10% for 10 seconds.45 seconds.
7Stormcaller Tree Spell_nature_riptideElemental Ability(Passive)Gives your pet the ability: Water Blast. A high damage water attack that your pet can use every 20 seconds.N/A
7Stormcaller Tree Spell_nature_lightningoverloadTower of LightningCasts a lightning tower at the target, dealing high damage and also increasing your casting speed by 7% for 10 seconds.40 seconds.
7Stormcaller Tree Ability_mage_wintersgraspArmor of Frost(Toggle)Surrounds you with frost, reducing damage taken by 15% and increasing frost damage by 5%.0 seconds.
10Stormcaller Tree Spell_shaman_ancestralawakeningWater Mastery(Passive)Increases your damage by 20% and your elementals by 25%.N/A
10Stormcaller Tree Spell_nature_unrelentingstormLightning TorrentChannel a torrent of lightning at the target, for massive damage over the 5 second channel.55 seconds.
10Stormcaller Tree Spell_frost_frozenorbOrbs of FrostSurround yourself with 5 orbs. Every orb, when struck deals the amount of damage back at the attacker.1 minute.


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