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Pyromancer Tree

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Ability Point CostSkill IconSkill NameDescriptionCooldown
1Fire BoltThrow a basic, medium damage fire bolt at the enemy, 2 second cast time.0 seconds
1BurnPuts a fire DoT on the target for medium damage over 8 seconds, 1 second cast time.9 seconds.
1Fire Armor(Toggle)Places armor of flame around you, dealing 20% of the damage you take back to the enemy. Only one armor can be active at a time.0 seconds.
3Explosive BoltThrows an explosive bolt at the enemy, dealing medium damage to target and all enemies surrounding it.5 seconds.
3InfernoIf Burn is on the target, refreshes Burn and increases the damage by 20%.9 seconds.
3Immolation Armor(Toggle)Places an armor around you that increases all fire damage you deal by 15%.0 seconds.
5Spark of FlameIgnites a spark on your enemy, doing a high amount of damage.12 seconds.
5Mass CombustionPlaces a low damage DoT on all targets around you over 8 seconds.10 seconds.
5Fire Resistance Armor(Toggle)Places an armor around you that decreases the damage you take by 5% and increases your raids magic resist by 10%.0 seconds.
7Dread Fire8 second channel that does a massive amount of damage to up to three targets.30 seconds.
7Heart FireIf Burn is active, removes the burn effect to do the full damage of Burn instantly and reapply Burn.23 seconds.
7Firebolt Armor(Toggle)Places an armor around you that increases the damage your Fire Bolt deals by 50% for 10 seconds whenever you crit.0 seconds.
10Fury of FlameHits the enemy, and all surrounding enemies for high damage, and also increases your flame damage by 20% for 20 seconds.45 seconds.
10BrimstonePuts a high damage DoT on the target over 12 seconds. When it expires spreads to up to 3 other enemies nearby. This can burn forever.1 minute.
10Flame Armor Mastery(Passive)Allows two armors to be active at a time.N/A


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