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Ability Point CostSkill IconSkill NameDescriptionCooldown
1Pyromancer Tree Spell_fire_fireball02Fire BoltThrow a basic, medium damage fire bolt at the enemy, 2 second cast time.0 seconds
1Pyromancer Tree Spell_fire_immolationBurnPuts a fire DoT on the target for medium damage over 8 seconds, 1 second cast time.9 seconds.
1Pyromancer Tree Spell_fire_elemental_totemFire Armor(Toggle)Places armor of flame around you, dealing 20% of the damage you take back to the enemy. Only one armor can be active at a time.0 seconds.
3Pyromancer Tree Spell_fire_flameboltExplosive BoltThrows an explosive bolt at the enemy, dealing medium damage to target and all enemies surrounding it.5 seconds.
3Pyromancer Tree Ability_warlock_baneofhavocInfernoIf Burn is on the target, refreshes Burn and increases the damage by 20%.9 seconds.
3Pyromancer Tree Spell_nature_unleashedrageImmolation Armor(Toggle)Places an armor around you that increases all fire damage you deal by 15%.0 seconds.
5Pyromancer Tree Spell_mage_infernoblastSpark of FlameIgnites a spark on your enemy, doing a high amount of damage.12 seconds.
5Pyromancer Tree Ability_mage_firestarterMass CombustionPlaces a low damage DoT on all targets around you over 8 seconds.10 seconds.
5Pyromancer Tree Spell_fire_flameshockFire Resistance Armor(Toggle)Places an armor around you that decreases the damage you take by 5% and increases your raids magic resist by 10%.0 seconds.
7Pyromancer Tree Inv_misc_head_dragon_01Dread Fire8 second channel that does a massive amount of damage to up to three targets.30 seconds.
7Pyromancer Tree Spell_fire_burnoutHeart FireIf Burn is active, removes the burn effect to do the full damage of Burn instantly and reapply Burn.23 seconds.
7Pyromancer Tree Spell_fire_searingtotemFirebolt Armor(Toggle)Places an armor around you that increases the damage your Fire Bolt deals by 50% for 10 seconds whenever you crit.0 seconds.
10Pyromancer Tree Ability_warlock_fireandbrimstoneFury of FlameHits the enemy, and all surrounding enemies for high damage, and also increases your flame damage by 20% for 20 seconds.45 seconds.
10Pyromancer Tree Spell_fire_moltenbloodBrimstonePuts a high damage DoT on the target over 12 seconds. When it expires spreads to up to 3 other enemies nearby. This can burn forever.1 minute.
10Pyromancer Tree Spell_nature_shamanrageFlame Armor Mastery(Passive)Allows two armors to be active at a time.N/A


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