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Ability Point CostSkill IconSkill NameDescriptionCooldown
1Blinding DustThrows dust in the eyes, mezzing an enemy for 5 seconds.20 seconds.
1Speedy KnifeA low damage dagger throw that decreases all allies casting time by 10% for 10 seconds.10 seconds.
1Improved Knife Throwing(Passive)Improves Throw Dagger to 0 second cooldown and increases its damage by 30%.N/A
3Blinding PowderStuns all nearby enemies for 3 seconds.35 seconds.
3Healthy GuidanceGives a medium HoT to entire group over 10 seconds.20 seconds.
3Fan of KnivesSpread of knives for low damage at a 90 degree angle.0 seconds.
5MezmerizeMezzes a target for 30 seconds.30 seconds.
5Restoring KnifeThrows a knife that does medium damage and restores 10% power to the entire group.30 seconds.
5Wounding KnifeThrows a knife that does medium damage and also opens a DoT for medium damage over 9 seconds. Max 5 stacks.5 seconds.
7Stunning BladesThrows knives at all targets within your range dealing medium damage. After 10 seconds they are stunned for 5 seconds.40 seconds.
7Surging BladesThrows a series of three knives at the target for low damage each. All allies damage is increased by 10% for 15 seconds.15 seconds.
7Killing ThrowDoes a high damage knife throw.25 seconds.
10Controlling GraspThrows a potion that causes the opponent to go to sleep for 1 minute.10 seconds.
10Supporting KnivesThrows knives at all enemies in range, dealing high damage. All allies gain 5% of their health and power every second for 6 seconds.1 minute, 30 seconds.
10Mighty ThrowA knife throw that does high damage and increases the damage of your next 10 knife throws skills by 25%.1 minute.


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