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Ability Point CostSkill IconSkill NameDescriptionCooldown
1Huntsman Tree Spell_hunter_icetrapIce ArrowsFor 15 seconds your attacks slow targets movement and attack speed by 30%.30 seconds.
1Huntsman Tree Ability_hunter_focusedaimAimed ShotA quick, medium damage shot, 2 second cast time.0 seconds.
1Huntsman Tree Ability_whirlwindCleanse PoisonCleans poisons from allies.3 seconds.
3Huntsman Tree Spell_fire_selfdestructFire ArrowsFor 15 seconds your attacks put a medium damage DoT on the target over 10 seconds, max 3 stacks.30 seconds.
3Huntsman Tree Ability_hunter_quickshotTri-ShotThree Quick Shots that do medium damage each, 1.5 second cast time.7 seconds.
3Huntsman Tree Ability_trackingTrackerReveals stealthed targets around you.1 minute.
5Huntsman Tree Spell_nature_spiritwolfEarth ArrowsFor 15 seconds your attacks root the target until further damage is taken.30 seconds.
5Huntsman Tree Ability_hunter_snipershotBrandA medium damage shot that increases the damage the target takes from you by 2% every time it recieves a critical strike, maximum 6 stacks for 20 seconds, 2 second cast time.20 seconds.
5Huntsman Tree Ability_hunter_misdirectionRestoring ShotA quick low damage shot that restores 10% of your health.19 seconds.
7Huntsman Tree Ability_rogue_feintWater ArrowsFor 15 seconds every time you attack you heal your group for 2.5% of your max health.25 seconds.
7Huntsman Tree Ability_hunter_assassinate2StrafeA series of shots that deal high damage over the 3.5 second channel time.23 seconds.
7Huntsman Tree Ability_hunter_beasttamingSharing PowerYou give a portion of your power to another player.0 seconds.
10Huntsman Tree Ability_hunter_snaketrapElemental ArrowsFor 15 seconds your attacks have the properties of all four arrow types.55 seconds.
10Huntsman Tree Ability_trueshotShot Through the HeartA high damage shot that resets the cooldown on Strafe and Tri-Shot, 2.5 second cast time.1 minute.
10Huntsman Tree Spell_arcane_blinkPassage of PowerA series of shots that restore 75% of your power, 5.5 second channel.50 seconds.


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