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Huntsman Tree

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Ability Point CostSkill IconSkill NameDescriptionCooldown
1Ice ArrowsFor 15 seconds your attacks slow targets movement and attack speed by 30%.30 seconds.
1Aimed ShotA quick, medium damage shot, 2 second cast time.0 seconds.
1Cleanse PoisonCleans poisons from allies.3 seconds.
3Fire ArrowsFor 15 seconds your attacks put a medium damage DoT on the target over 10 seconds, max 3 stacks.30 seconds.
3Tri-ShotThree Quick Shots that do medium damage each, 1.5 second cast time.7 seconds.
3TrackerReveals stealthed targets around you.1 minute.
5Earth ArrowsFor 15 seconds your attacks root the target until further damage is taken.30 seconds.
5BrandA medium damage shot that increases the damage the target takes from you by 2% every time it recieves a critical strike, maximum 6 stacks for 20 seconds, 2 second cast time.20 seconds.
5Restoring ShotA quick low damage shot that restores 10% of your health.19 seconds.
7Water ArrowsFor 15 seconds every time you attack you heal your group for 2.5% of your max health.25 seconds.
7StrafeA series of shots that deal high damage over the 3.5 second channel time.23 seconds.
7Sharing PowerYou give a portion of your power to another player.0 seconds.
10Elemental ArrowsFor 15 seconds your attacks have the properties of all four arrow types.55 seconds.
10Shot Through the HeartA high damage shot that resets the cooldown on Strafe and Tri-Shot, 2.5 second cast time.1 minute.
10Passage of PowerA series of shots that restore 75% of your power, 5.5 second channel.50 seconds.


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