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Ability Point CostSkill IconSkill NameDescriptionCooldown
1Assassin Tree Ability_stealthStealthYou become undetectable to enemies, but your movement speed is lowered by 40%.0 seconds.
1Assassin Tree Ability_rogue_murderspreeSlowing PoisonReduces enemies movement speed by 50% for 15 seconds.40 seconds.
1Assassin Tree Ability_rogue_ambushBackstabA medium damage attack that can only be executed if you are behind the target.7 seconds.
3Assassin Tree Spell_shadow_nethercloakPhantom(Passive)Increases your run speed in stealth by 35%.N/A
3Assassin Tree Inv_misc_herb_16Wounding PoisonDoes medium damage over 12 seconds.15 seconds.
3Assassin Tree Ability_poisonstingSerpent BladeA medium damage attack that increases the damage the target takes by 10% for 12 seconds.20 seconds.
5Assassin Tree Ability_cheapshotEmergent(Passive)For 10 seconds after coming out of stealth your damage is increased by 10% and the damage you take is reduced by 10%.N/A
5Assassin Tree Spell_nature_nullifydiseaseCritical PoisonEnemy has 10% increase chance to be critically hit for 15 seconds.25 seconds.
5Assassin Tree Spell_shadow_ritualofsacrificeSurprise BladeA high damage attack that does 20% more damage if you execute it from behind.14 seconds.
7Assassin Tree Ability_rogue_shroudofconcealmentFleeting PhantomIf you are in stealth, your run speed is increased by 100% for 10 seconds.1 minute.
7Assassin Tree Ability_rogue_dualweildDelayed PoisonPlace a mark on the enemy, and after 15 seconds the mark explodes, dealing the amount of damage you dealt to the target between the 15 seconds.20 seconds.
7Assassin Tree Ability_rogue_disembowel1000 BladesA quick flurry of attacks that does high damage.12 seconds.
10Assassin Tree Ability_vanishEscapeeDrops all aggro mid combat and puts you into stealth.3 minutes.
10Assassin Tree Spell_shadow_shadowwardOverdoseDoubles the effectiveness of any poisons on the target and resets their timers.3 minutes.
10Assassin Tree Ability_rogue_ruptureAssassination ProtocolA high damage attack that also resets all cooldowns.2 minutes.


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