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Ability Point CostSkill IconSkill NameDescriptionCooldown
1Champion Tree Ability_warrior_chargeRage(Passive)When you crit, for 15 seconds your damage and crit multiplier are increased by 20%.N/A
1Champion Tree Warrior_talent_icon_innerrageTrance(Passive)When you are below 75% health your run and attack speed are increased by 10% for 15 seconds, when it wears off 5 seconds to reapply.N/A
1Champion Tree Ability_warrior_vigilanceCalm(Passive)When you take a hit equal to or above 10% of your max health, damage taken is reduced by 25% for 15 seconds, and every time you hit, you heal 3% of your max health.
3Champion Tree Spell_shadow_deathpactRage BladeA strike that does medium damage and increases timer on Rage by 5 seconds.10 seconds.
3Champion Tree Ability_parryTrance BladeA strike that does medium damage and increases timer on Trance by 5 seconds.10 seconds.
3Champion Tree Ability_warrior_shockwaveCalm BladeA strike that does medium damage and increases timer on Calm by 5 seconds.10 seconds.
5Champion Tree Spell_shadow_deathscreamRage BlightYou enter a state of fury, increasing your crit chance by 20% for 20 seconds.1 minute.
5Champion Tree Ability_warrior_colossussmashTranscendance(Passive)While Trance is active, every time you attack your attack speed is increased by 3%, max 5 stacks.N/A
5Champion Tree Ability_warrior_shieldreflectionArmouring BladeA quick, low damage attack that increases your armor by 25% for 10 seconds.N/A
7Champion Tree Ability_warrior_devastateSeeking BladeA quick, medium damage attack that is an ensured critical hit. If Rage is active, increases your crit chance by 20% for 10 seconds.30 seconds.
7Champion Tree Achievement_boss_kingymironState of Mind(Passive)Trance now triggers at 95% health.N/A
7Champion Tree Demoralizing_bannerOn the MendEvery time you attack, you regain 3% health and power for 20 seconds.1 minute.
10Champion Tree Warrior_talent_icon_singlemindedfuryFurious BlowA high damage attack that resets the timer on Rage and increases your damage by 30% for 15 seconds.40 seconds.
10Champion Tree Warrior_talent_icon_bloodandthunderMoon BladeA medium damage attack that applies another stack of Trance on you, doubling its effects for the duration.45 seconds.
10Champion Tree Inv_shield_07Defensive ExpertiseFor 20 seconds you take 50% less damage and your armor is increased by 100%.3 minutes.


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