Mob breakdown totorial area 1 extended

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Mob breakdown totorial area 1 extended Empty Mob breakdown totorial area 1 extended

Post  Xenothen on Wed Feb 27, 2013 3:00 pm

Creatures Levels skills descriptions drops physical attributes
Wolf 2-6 lvl2-6 Bite: Deals 10-15 damage and another 15 ovet 5 seconds
lvl2-6 Leap: jumps at target breaking out of stun going up to 25m (min distance 5m)
lvl4-6 gnaw: Attacks 3 times dealing 20 damage each time there may be an additional gnaw if the caster critical hits at least one of the three attacks (this may occur multiple times)
lvl5-6 Midnight Howl: If the caster is below 100hp then the caster casts an uninterruptible 2 second cast time channel. This gives the target aggro of all wolves in the range of 100m teleporting all of them to the target. the target may not lose aggro for 3 seconds 50% chance to cast.
Wolves are strong creatures that are not afraid to rely on other wolves for help. The roam around in groups of 3 or more. they like to gang up against all opponents. common folk are weary of the wolves and never go outside when the howls begin.Wolf meat, cloth, wolf pelt, uncommon gear piece (2% chance), wolf teeth armor 20, magic resist -5%, physical resist 10%, auto attack damage 10, xp gain lvl 1 30, lvl 2 50, lvl 3 60, lvl 4-5 100.
Bear 2-6
2-6Growl: fears target for 5 seconds.
2-6Slash: Deals 30 damage to the target and an additional 50 damage over 10 seconds.
4-6Motherly love: caster gains +500% attack speed, all attack dealt by caster interrupt the target, caster gains +99% damage resistance to all types for 5 seconds.
4-6Protection: self buff, Damage dealt by caster is increased by 10, if motherly love is active then it is increased by +30 instead.
(signature)Demolish: stuns target for 5 seconds dealing 30 damage.
Large unknown creatures have been sighted around the caves near the pasture. They are one of the most feared creatures in the area, but they keep to themselves. STAY AWAY High amount of money dropped from these creatures 1 gold, bear pelt, bear meat, tooth, bear head(trophy for killing signature)


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